Me – Moi

Who am I ?

A normal guy from England, left school when I was 16, worked until I was about 25 then I moved to France because of a girl. Been in France ever since.

I get muddled talking or writing in English, sometimes as I forget how to write or talk in my mother tongue, so if you come across a weird word, phrase, please forgive me and let me know so that I can correct it.

Mostly this blog is about sport or gadgets that I feel the need to write / complain / inform about, please enjoy and if you wish leave me a comment or whatever then please do.

I’ve always been active, for years it was just mountain biking, then road biking (either with a normal road bike or a singlespeed)

2012 became my ‘Gym year’, taking time off biking and spending most winter days at the gym, keeping fit, losing weight and gaining lean muscle

2015 became my ‘Crossfit year’ this slowly taking over from the gym and biking.

2016 became the year that I started running, firstly road running do the Paris marathon, but then turned to trail running as road running is to boring and hurts more.

2017 : 59 years old and to be honest pretty fit for my age, even if I do say it myself. I workout two to three times a week doing crossfit, once a week trail running and another day doing some biking or swimming.

2018 January : I’m now retired as I’m 60, I’m looking forward to enjoying it as I’m tired, (mostly from work. After running my own company for 30 years here in France, where the successive French governments do the their best to kill all small companies off or at least making life extremely difficult for us the employers) it’s time to stop and relax.

If all goes well, my retirement while I’m still fit will be even more sport, adding some more activities, seeing friends and family that I’ve no time to see in the past, and actually having time to go on holiday with my wife….
This blog was started in 2010.
Twitter : @KerbOverRoots


Back after a 25 km trail run in the pouring rain


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