So I went out and bought the new IPhone as everybody was talking about it and it looks really shit hot and I was tired of my Sony m600i

But what a disappointment ….
Got it home, and can’t even get it to function with Windows Vista 64 (this is now changed I believe, but haven’t tested it yet) as it’s not compatable

So I had to hook it up to my other computer running under XP, second bad news, it will only snyc with Outlook, Windows mail and who in their right minds uses those programs.

No way of syncing to Thunderbird, Apple is now like Microsoft, keeping things wrapped up to certain programs only 😦

So Ok I said to myself no problem I’ll use Syncml and sync to my online agenda and contacts that I use with the web site memotoo BUT there is no syncml on this phone, in fact there is not much of anything

Its sexy get’s people looking at it / you and it works as a phone (spot the error) but thats all,

So “Burk” to this phone , 2 days later I went out and bought the Nokia 958GB

For : Itunes interface really hot and the internet browser is great

Against : can’t add anything to the phone, no SyncML available so impossible to get my contacts or agenda up and running on this phone



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