Raid 0 to raid 5

So I decided to go from raid 0 to raid 5 as always at the back of my find I was scared that a HD would crash and re installing a year old system was to much, at least with a raid 5 one HD can crash and all should still run

It all went quite well to be honest, just plugged in the 3rd HD, set the sata slot in bios to raid for the new HD and re booted

At start-up went into the Nvidia control manager, added the new disc and followed instructions to migrate to a raid 5 setup, each HD was a 300 gig WD

12 hours (yes 12) the migration finished and all is just dandy 🙂

Will now see if I see a difference in speed, but TBH I doubt it.

EDIT  after checking my computer using Vista checking tools I founs that I was getting errors with “Avg Disk Queue Lengh”,

after spending quite a lot of time using google and checking the HD , defragging etc etc I found or suspected that it was due to the raid 5 setup, as raid 5 is rather complicated for a MB set-up and it was having a  hard time running it, so I switched back to a raid 0 setup and the problem has not only gone away but I can even see a speed difference in the normal computer running, things are far faster

Now I have order a raid card and as soon I get will update this blog


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