Scottish Rail

My employees and myself spend a rather nice weekend in Glasgow April 2008,

After getting to the train station to catch a train to Prestwick Airport, a nasty surprise awaited us as there had been an accident somewhere causing trains to be delayed or cancelled

After speaking to a controller on the platform we were informed that buses had been ordered and would be arriving shortly but no exact time could be given, normal the problem had only just happened

After explaining that we had a plane to catch, the controller promptly order 5 taxis for us, as there was 20 of us in our group, less than 5 minutes later 5 taxis arrived and took us to Prestwick airport free of charge, cost shown on the meter, £45, (times five that was quite an expensive trip for Scottish Rail)

So all ended just nicely, ‘hats of’ to Scottish Rail they did very well, they were polite and very rapid, if only the French SNCF could do the same thing but there is no hope, customer service is unknown here in France


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