VTT – MTB Roquebrun April 2008

So after 10 hours in the car we finally got to the camping site in Roquebrun near Frejus in the south of France where the Roc d’Azur is held every year

3 days of biking, beautiful weather, lots of up and down …… , the bike performed well,

As usual had to get of sometimes and push when its was to technical, but still at my age I won’t get any better…., but fitness wise all was was good 🙂

Biked with Laurent ‘C’ Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Laurent ‘S’ Saturday and Sunday , was just great, we had good fun as we know each other well and know our limits

We managed to find some nice single tracks and even found one from last year’s Roc that is nice and difficult, and some nice ‘hic’ uphills that we had to get of and push 😦

The best bike is the white one, normal it's mine 🙂

laurent and laurent, old and good friends

Ok so I'm on the left being silly

Nothing but singletracks in these hills 🙂

Shame I couldn't take a swim, really nice little lake

Have added a couple of photos for those who couldn’t come, Back next October for the Roc 🙂


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One response to “VTT – MTB Roquebrun April 2008

  1. Yoyo

    Mais, mis à part les poses pour les photos devant les plans d’eau, vous avez roulé un peu quand même ?!!!!!!!

    les vélos ont l’air propres et les gaillards pas trop fatigués.

    Aller, je suis qu’un jaloux et je ne suis certainement pas objectif, bande de veinards, et dire qu’ici il pleut, et que mon nouveau vélo n’est pas encore terminé…….vivement le Roc…


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