Lets go watercooling

So I have taken the dive and am going to watercool my computer  :

Here is the list of what I have just ordered. I ordered these goods from


This a French site and their forum was very helpful and quick to respond, am now awaiting delivery

Also I made a mistake with my order and instead of just delivering what I had ordered, they contacted me to inform me and modify my order, Thats what you call service, Bravo 🙂

1 x SCW-1 V2http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_31_139&products_id=1066
1 x MCRES-Micro http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_33&products_id=713
2 x Tygon R3603 http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_35_129&products_id=246
1 x PlexyTop DDC-1T/1Tplus http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_34&products_id=962
1 x Laing DDC1+ http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_34&products_id=706
1 x MCR-320 Quiet-power http://www.watercooling.fr/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=28_32_152&products_id=791
6 x Raccord cannelé 10 mm – 8 x Clamp – Modéle: 3/8 –
3 x
TYP4412 F/2GL – 1 x F1 UV Cooling Fluid rouge

As soon I receive this i shall start on the job, first thing is to see if I can fit the RAD in the case at the top as this would be nice, photos will follow

Before watercooling


Air cooling

And now watercooling ::

The goodies : Waterblock-Enzotech SCW 1 (replaced by Swiftech Apogee GT as the enzo leaked after 2 days)  : Pump-Laing DDC+1 and Plexy top : Reservoir-Swiftech MCRES micro : Liquid Feser one, , Metal barbs 10mm : Tygon tubing

So first things first, The Coolmaster 1000 case need to be modified to accept the radiator’s 3*120 as there are only 2 fans originaly fitted in the case

So I emptied everything out of the case and got the Dremel out of the cupboard and started cutting away

mpty case except for the fans, only the back fan will be kept

Third fan placement drawn out and ready to be cut, didn’t really mesure anything just sketched and cut …..

So now the space has been cut away so that the third fan can blow air freely, Notice that the 3 fans are not quite the same spacing as the original ones, they are on top of the radiator in a pull position

Reservoir and pump fitted, only needed to drill 2 small holes for the pump and fitted rubber washers between the back of the  pump / reservoir and the case wall

Fitting the waterlock was really easy except that it was delivered with 1/2 barbs (12.7mm) and the rest of my set-up are 3/8 (10mm) so I had to to use the 2 plastic barbs (yuk) that were delivered with the reservoir so that I had enough, I changed the Enzo after 2 days as it sprung a leak )

Now I am ready to start the plumbing

Tubes in placed but clips not yet fixed, note the 2 horrible plastic barbs with the reservoir, no kinks just nice round curves. The water direction is reservoir, pump, waterblock, radiator, reservoir

The tricky bit first I shorted the power supply as indicated in the link below so that I could fill up the reservoir without powering up the MB,

I added in the fill hole a bit of left over tube plus a funnel and sort of squirted liquid into the reservoir as it got low and I switched on and of the power so that as soon as the pump got to low I filled it more, tricky but can be done,


Above is the link that explains how to short the power supply making things a little easier and safer

I adding a side fan as the raid card gets to hot, it’s an Antec 220mm, just cut a hole and added some mesh between the fan and the side panel, this fans pulls fresh air into the case

Plastic top cover back on, all is hidden away 🙂 as before

here you can see how most of the wires can be hidden away nicely round the back

It’s finished

original 10mm tubes


Notice new video card 280gtx and 1000w PSU from Corsair



Just addede a side panel with glass panel added


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