Adaptec RAID 5405

Ok so the raid card 5405  has been bought but sadly no cable was supplied with it and of course the cable is quite hard to get hold of ….

One week later cable obtained SAS to 4 Sata, (SAS*4 – 4SATA)

If I have the courage this will be done this weekend as it means re installing Vista as you cannot transfer raid motherboard set-ups to raid cards, they are not the same system

I am going to cheat though will set-up the raid 1 or 0 not sure which one yet on two raptors that I have, that way keeping my old set-up for a while just in case

Friday evening and  the install has started,

After installing it in the PC I booted into Ctrl+A ( to get into the raid set-up) straight away problems started as nothing happened, and it took me quite a while to suss out that I had to do Ctrl+Q which was read as Ctrl+A as I am running a French keyboard, 2008 and still certain companies don’t take into account foreign keyboards

The quick install book is far from clear but managed to get my two HDs initialised and bootable and have started the Vista 64 install

Again problems as you need to install the raid drivers and again Adaptec makes life difficult as when you download the driver le Vista driver is in the amd64 folder and unless you point Vista to that folder its incapable of finding it. for info the driver is the Adaptec RAID Driver v5.2.0.15728 for Windows, Microsoft certified

For info its the latest driver online dated 6 April 2008

So anyway … started the install, Vista rebooted the PC in mid process but I think it was due to my 4gigs of memory installed so I took out 2 gigs and started again

Got further this time but Vista blocked five mins later in the config, reboot again ….

Still getting nowhere, Vista just blocks before set-up is finished, have un installed the sata CD Rom drive, re initialised the HDs and am starting all over again

Ok seem to be getting somewhere I swapped the PCI express slot and used the second – middle slot and was able to finish the setup (thanks to ) for info my MB is a Evga 780i, bios version 06

No go with the updates still get black screen and white cross/cursor  as in the link above, I can only get into Vista in safe mode, not in normal mode

Have updated the raid Bios of the card to the latest version and still the same problems, this IS due to Vista and the driver as it works perfectly in XP

Have now updated the Bios on the Evga 780i MB to the latest version 07, was even able to get the raid card running in the bottom slot which before was unable to but Vista still freezes

Have now installed XP32 on this card and have dumped Vista for the moment, first impression are whow … really much faster, for info the card is installed in the bottom slot, the second slot is just under the video card and I’m a little worried about it getting hot

No news from the Adaptec support concerning this problem, edit 5 days later still no response from them, edit 6 months later and never got a reply from them, its the last time I’ll buy their  products, I hate company that can’t be bothered with their clients, their are other companies around that have a better customer service these should be used first


Still no news from Adaptec by e mail BUT there are new drivers and bios on their web site dated August 1rst

Although in the release notes they don’t even bother saying anything about Vista these now work just fine, I was able to clean install vista 64 in raid 0 without any problems – at last

Such a shame that their customer service is such crap 😦

Edit may 2009

I  have just updated the bios on the card,

Edit June 2009

I  have just updated the bios on the card

and the drivers

Update October 2009

latest bios update

Latest driver update

From this file you can unzip the 7  files needed and the afu.exe file

To do this you need 8 floppy disks , the first floppy contains DOS, the 7 other files contains the bios files called xxxx1.ufi to xxx7.ufi (xxxx being the file number in this case it was AS540501.ufi), on the second floppy you must install the afu.exe file and the xxxw1.ufi file, the others just contain the xxxx2.ufi,xxxx3.ufi and so on, 1 file per disk

Boot from the DOS floppy, at the dos prompt change to the second disk , type in afu.exe you will get a coloured screen, choose ‘update flash’ as the option and hit Ok, just follow instructions changing the floppy when required, it’s easy

You can also do this from a USB key. To format the USB stick and make it e bootable you will need the HP USB disk storage format tool and the following files from just run the HP tool and format the key and making it a DOS startup disk then unzip the  USB image and copy it on to the key, add all the 7 floppy files including AFU.exe and boot the PC from the USB and run afu.exe , its fairly easy and far quicker

More info on creating a USB boot key can be found here

To update the driver for the raid card, do this from ‘my computer’ and update the driver like you would any other driver

(note : Vista didn’t want to update  the older drivers, saying that they were identical to the latest ones which was untrue, the solution in that case is delete the drivers, reboot, Vista will then install very old ones and you can then update correctly the driver to the latest version)

Am now running windows 7 64bit, (good riddance to Vista) the latest drivers  from Adaptec run fine, either the windows 7 dribers or the more recent from the Adaptec web site, have updated both the bios and raid driver all is just fine, the only thing I have noticed is that the storage manager sometimes can’t  “see” the running set-up, but as this is rarely used I’m not to worried, I just re install it when needed

All drivers can be found at

I have also added for security sake the this is expensive as cost about  130 euros

Update : October 2010, added latest driver update from the above link (4 lines up), I’m running Window 7, 64,  don’t forget to choose the right version for your PC, download it, uncompress it, right click ‘My Computer’ choose Device Manager (or something like that, I’m running a French version so mine’s all in French), then under Storage controller, you should see the Adaptec Raid 5405 and just update it with the latest driver.

Also their is a Storage Manager update, before you install this, uninstall the old one first


Update october 2011, am now running an SSD HD and so no longer need the card, anyone want to buy it let me know, I can ship easily to Europe



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4 responses to “Adaptec RAID 5405

  1. Erwin Rivera

    In answer to your question how what the perf is on RAID5 via hdtach via x4 1TB Samsung F1 Spinpoint

    RAID5 Long test
    Burst speed = 707.3 MB/s
    Average speed = 312.7 MB/s

    RAID10 Long test
    Burst speed = 824.4 MB/s
    Average speed = 403.1 MB/s

    • I re checked mine following your comment

      RAID5 Long bench test
      Burst speed = 881.3 MB/s
      Average read (is that the same as speed)= 149.2 MB/s
      Random Access 8.7

  2. leeseng

    wow.. wonder what’s the raid5 speed like. if i need raid 1 or raid0, onboard raid should be enough. but raid5 needs hardware XOR chip on this card to shine.!

  3. Mark

    Your comment on finding the driver in AMD64 file was a lifesaver.