GOD, got it all wrong, Paradise is not in heaven, it’s at the ‘Hotel Principe Di Fitalia’ in Sicily

GOD got it all wrong, Paradise is not in heaven it’s at the Hotel Principe Di Fitalia  Via Traversa Tonnara di Terrauzza, 38, 96100 Siracus in Sicily.

So why this phrase, well let me try and explain :


This year my wife and I decided to go to Italy, so we left Paris by plane by EasyJet, the vol, was about 06am. As usual this morning its raining, , 2012 has been a shitty year,  rain rain and more rain. one of the reasons why we wanted to go far south, in search of some sun.

We arrived at Catina about 10am to be greeted by 30 degrees and a blue cloudless sky, and when I say cloudless, I mean it, nothing to cloud the sun

A chauffeur was awaiting us,  because the hotel sends a car to pick you up if you ask them (cost about 60 euros)

One hour later we arrived at the Hotel Principe Di Fitalia. Straight away it strikes you as the perfect place,  sun shining,  green gardens, a beautiful building, a swimming pool ….

what you see when you arrive

We were received at the reception a pretty young woman with a lovely smile, also she spoke fairly good French and English, my Italian is pretty limited so phew …

As it was still early our room was not quite ready, so we decided to have a drink …. whoops rather a bottle of rosé on the terrace in front of the swimming pool to bide the time.

So to be able to sit down outside and have a drink at 11am with the sun shining at the temperature being about 29° it’s  so rare …

13pm, it’s time for lunch. We ordered a nice little salad and a glass of red wine, again a helpful waitress who spoke some English and  French and again so helpful and charming.

With lunch finished, it was  time to get burnt by the sun (well me at least) , so we settled in around the pool its time to relax as being a little tired, having to get up at 4am this morning.

The pool is next to the terrace

Later in the afternoon, I left my wife by the pool and went to try out the gym, as yes they even have a gym here, its pretty good, small but well equipped, and so spent an hour in it, though boy is it hot, as the walls are all ‘glassed’, like a veranda, so even though all the doors can be opened it does get hot ….

Time to work out

We ate dinner at the hotel , it was good, fish and more wine, and spent some time chatting with other people staying here, as most of them are friendly

We started our first full day here with a great breakfast, the choice is good, it’s a self-service, I mostly ate ham, cheese and nuts as watching my weight (forget the two bottles of wine I drunk yesterday), but their are cooked eggs, bacon, cakes, pies, fresh fruits, and many other foods, a great and varied choice

where all the food is served

So breakfast out-of-the-way, we were driven to the beach, as again, you just have to ask and they take you to a private beach, which is free for anyone staying at the hotel (it’s not really a beach, more of a ‘ponton’, with long chairs to lie down, and of course parasols, the ponton has steps that lead you directly into the sea),

Note that the hotel is in the middle of nowhere, so the idea that they taxi you arround is very useful, a must to be honest, if you do not have a car. We spent all morning on the beach and back to the hotel for lunch.

We spent most of this year’s holiday doing nothing, resting and sunbathing, we did visit Siracusa, Ortigia and Noto a couple of times.

This has to be the best hotel I / we’ve ever taken, this is due to the fact that not only is the hotel, very nice, pretty, very clean, well equipped, but also that the employees make your stay worth while. This for me is the ideal place to just do nothing, it’s not a hotel ideally suited for kids as they would get bored to quickly, for me its more the perfect place to relax and recharge the batteries.

For info we stayed 8 days, a lot of time doing nothing, just relaxing, reading by the pool, swimming in the sea.  Most years we spend our holidays doing either visiting, walking or biking (me for the biking part) so it was quite strange spending a whole week doing nothing.

I give a simple ten out of ten to the hotel and it’s staff, and look forward to returning some time in the near future.


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