So why ANALOG ?

Basically for posts that just don’t belong in my other pages, this started when I went through a notebook period using pens, pencils and paper, That I still have by the way, but I prefer (now at least) using the  phone to jot things down, and for a diary this is really useful,  for the last couple of years I’ve been using an App called Journey on my Android phone.

For instance installing KodiBuntu or updating a Bios while running Linux, how to ruin your eyesight, creating a playlist…… Things that I don’t rally know where to put them.

And last but not least coming from the fact that I still buy and listen to LPs (vinyls}  as well as CDs so the sound analog rather than the sound digital.  Now does that make sense?

My other pages rather obvious are :

Sport & Health
CD Mail

Silly stuff, probably not all useful, but who cares 🙂


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