Me – Moi

Who am I ?

Just an ordinary guy, Living in France for over 30 years now, though I’m English (that’s why I write in English, having never learnt the French grammar), I left England when I was around 25 years old and after leaving school when I was 16.

I have a French wife and two boys, I’ll be  59 at the end of December 2016 but so far still feeling on top of the world, in fact the last couple of years have been the best in my life. Proving that even after the 50-year-old mark things can still be good, if you work at it.

I run my own mail order company near Paris ( and in 2017 we’ll hit the 30 years in business, which is quite an achievement considering  the situation here in Europe, especially in France where the government does not like small businesses and basically do their very best to kill them off,.

I’m not really a “bloggy” person though  I do like adding articles of what I hope may be of interest to certain, mostly concerning my passion for biking (bikes with pedals, not engines),  about the gadgets that I buy and or my latest fads, about keeping fit and losing some weight and gaining muscle (that’s why I stated that even after 50 years old things are still pretty good), 2015 has been even a better year in fitness, Crossfit taking over from the gym, trail running taking over from biking,

Sometimes I forget my English being in France for so long, so apologies for phrases, sentences, words that are not quite right …..

This blog was started in 2010.


  • Je vis en France depuis 30 ans maintenant, voir plus …

Ma femme est française, ensemble nous avons deux grands garçons. J’ai 59 ans. (fin 2016)

Je ne suis pas un réel blogger, mais depuis un certain temps, j’ajoute de plus en plus des billets, surtout concernant mes sorties VTT, et parfois j’aime bien noter les choses en espérant qu’ils seront utiles pour les autres, sur mes gadgets : smartphone, GPS etc.

Comme vous pouvez constater je ne suis pas français, je ne l’ai pas appris à l’école, donc certains de mes billets sont en français hic … et certain sont en anglais, selon si je trouve trop difficile à écrire en français. Les corrections sont les bienvenues, je ne les prendrais  pas mal, au contraire.

Twitter : @KirbOverRoots

updated december 2016

Back after a 25 km trail run in the pouring rain

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